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Bill Wagg MA. BA. Family Counsellor

Somatic Experiencing Therapist

B.C. Registered Clinical Counsellor #8675 


Empowering the Process of Change and Growth

I have been a Family and Clinical Counsellor for over 25 years. My work has brought me into the lives of many individuals, couples, families, children and youth presenting a wide range of issues and problems. I have assisted people through the hardship of mental health and addictions, parenting conflicts, trauma, couples entrenched in anger and the individual who just needed to talk and be heard.

Areas of Experience, Knowledge and Skills

Support for the Individual to Live with Well-Being

  •  Solution and strength based focused counselling to resolve problems with Anger, Stress, Depression, Suicide, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD and workplace conflicts.
  • Addressing Anxiety, Stress and Depression through understanding its causes: body and brain’s reaction to the pressures of our modern lifestyle .  Application of body based and  emotionally management skills to reduce and manage these powerful emotions.
  •  Loss and grief support, counselling and skill developement
  •  Life Skill coaching to resolve problems and obtain goals
  • Addressing work place conflicts and stressors
  •  Supporting sobriety and freedom from Drug and Alcohol addiction
  •  Therapeutic treatment for Childhood Trauma and Family of Origin issues
  •  Resolving Trauma using Somatic Experiences skills and perspective
  • Accessing one’s own strengths, wisdom and the skills to live well
  • Develop Self awareness and insights to manage the struggles of life

Couples Counselling, Living in a Full, Healthy Relationship

  • A fluid use of a various of coupling counselling theories and skills conveyed by experts such as John Gottman, Stan Tatkin, Sue Johnson, and Gary Chapman
  • Application of Non Violent Communication skills to Resolve communication difficulties and to build better communication skills,
  •  Diffuse ongoing conflicts and strengthen bond and connection,
  •  Clarify gender roles, needs and wants
  •  Understand and Resolve Power and Control Issues while developing safety, trust, support and communitment
  •  Stop Physical and Emotional Abuse
  • Rekindle love, connections and affection

Family Issues and the Importance of Healthy Attachment

  •  Pragmatic Skills for Struggling Parents
  •  Understand attachment and bonding for a healthy family
  •  Mediation for Family Conflict,
  •  Communication and Interpersonal Skill Building,
  •  Support and Skill building for Single Parent and Blended Families,
  •  Pragmatic Understanding and Support for Child Protection Issues,
  •  Grief counselling for Loss due to Separation, Divorce and Death.
  •  Family Violence Counselling

Children’s Issues, Growing Up

  •  Pro Active, knowledge and skill based responses for issues such as ADHD, Anger, Defiance, Depression, FASD and Trauma
  •  Counselling and Support to Work with School and Peer Difficulties, Learning Disables and Poor Social Skills,
  •  Support for Parents and Children with Asperger’s Syndrome

Struggling Youth, Young Adult in Training

  •  Counselling and support with a strong solution focus orientation for such issues as Anxiety, Drug and Alcohol, Bad Music, Messy Rooms, Criminal Behaviours,
  •  Lousy Social Skills, Poor Peer Influences, Violence, Depression, Suicide

Strength Based Counselling

¨ I believe each person has their own unique strengths, knowledge, skills and ability to resolve their problems. An important part of my role as a counselor is to assist the person to recognize their strengths and apply them to manage their own struggles.

¨ My counselling methods are solution focused to enable people to resolve problems in a timely, effective manner.

¨ Methods are integrated within a program of life skills instruction, counselling and education tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

¨ In each counselling session a person will gain practical skills and knowledge they can apply immediately to help resolve their problems.

¨ The heart of my practice is to empower the process of change and growth in a practical and personal manner

Education and Training

  •  Master Degree in Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, My study focused on domestic violence and the treatment of men who batter.
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care, Malaspina College. A pragmatic, clinically based counselling directed on working with families, parents, children and youth.
  • Individuals, parents, families children and youth have been, and continue to be my best instructors to be a counsellor
  • Extensive training in Somatic Experiencing, a model used to  address Trauma, PTSD and Anxiety. This approach expands out of the “talking head model” to include our natural body and emotional processes to resolve and integrate traumatic events, anxiety and various personal issues
  • Many years of training and study of Mindfulness in my personal life and applying the skills and techniques with my clients
  •  Training, knowledge and skills in a variety of therapeutic and theoretical models such as:  Solution-Focused, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Couple Counselling, Alderian, Attachment theory, Play therapy, Satir’s Family Model and Somatic Experiencing
  • Living a long, healthy life has given me experience and perspective to draw upon.

Work Experience

  • Newly moved to Victoria and I now have a limited counselling practise in this community
  •  Private family counselling practice serving Duncan, Cowichan Valley.  This is a very limited counselling practise with sessions using Video interaction (Facebook video)  or telephone counselling
  •  Mental Health Clinician (Child and Youth) for the Ministry of Children and Family Development
  •  Family Counsellor (with various NGOs ) for high risk families, children and youth
  •  Counselling and support for First Nation’s families
  •  Behaviour Interventionist for children and youth with Asperger’s syndrome
  •  Child Protection Social Worker for MCFD
  •  Support Worker for Drug and Alcohol Residential Program
  •  Child and Youth Care Worker in Alternative School for high risk youths
  •  Group Facilitator: Men’s Domestic Violence Treatment Groups, Parenting and Father’s group
  • Group Facilitator for communication, life skills and living in well being for a variety of organization

Phone and Video Counselling

My counselling services are available via Phone or Video streaming using Skype or Facebook. I have been using these two forms of technologies for several years and I am impressed with their effectiveness in counselling. The advantages are:

  •  Ease and convenience for people to enjoy the comforts of their own home
  • Save travel time
  • Greater flexibly to schedule the time for a session.
  • Sessions can be arranged from any location, such as when traveling or on a lunch break at work.
  • Parents do not have to arrange for childcare

However there are limits to the issues phone or Video counselling can address. In general I have found the big issues such as extreme trauma (physical abuse, severe car accidents) and profound childhood traumas need to be addressed face to face.  Human connection is essential  for successful healing to occur with these issues.

Counselling session 100.00 per session

Couple counselling first session is 90 minutes and a fee of 120.00


(250) 477-9673


#409 1101 Hilda Street, Victoria, British Columbia  V8V 4T2

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