Phoenix Rising: Divorce and Separtion

Long Boat Counselling
Divorce Counselling and Coaching
A service for Lawyers and Divorcing/Separating Couples
As a lawyer, you often find yourself dealing with distraught clients who can be angry, anxious and depressed. Valuable time is spent calming and soothing an upset client. Managing emotional violability is a compounding burden enhancing the challenges and complexities of the separation and divorce process. The focus of your work is to provide legal counsel but providing ongoing emotional support may become quickly become a frustrating and draining experience My services provide lawyers relief from managing the emotional tsunami of their clients. I work directly with the client providing a variety of services such as emotional support, psycho-educational information and emotional management skills.
I provide support for lawyers
• Stop managing clients’ intense emotional states, such as anger, anxiety and depression
• A support service you can refer your clients
• Collaborative interdisciplinary approach to support your work to achieve solutions
• Managing and directing the legal process is easier with clients who are emotionally and intellectually prepared
• Resolutions and settlements are easier to achieve with clients who are prepared to engage in negotiation and the legal process
My service can make it possible for you and your client to have an easier, more productive and satisfying experience through the difficulties of separation and divorce.

Provides support for clients undergoing separation and divorce
• Skills acquisition for managing anger, argumenitive and threatening behaviours
• Communication skills enabling a client to clearly articulate position
• Preparation for negotiations and the legal process
• Managing strong emotional reactions such as anger, guilt, powerlessness and fear
• Future planning and preparation for a new life
• Shared parenting issues such as visitation planning and parenting conflicts
• Attend and support client during meetings
If you are tired of emotional management and would like a change, call me or better yet, have your client call me.
Bill Wagg
M.A., B.A Family Counsellor
Registered Canadian Professional Counsellor
(250) 709-9673

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