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Holistic Counselling

  •  encompasses the whole person, not just the ego or emotional aspect
  •  embraces the whole person: the physical,emotional,social and spiritual
  •  encourages the individual to integrate and resolve all of these aspects into a joyful whole.

To better explain Long Boat Counselling I have answered some frequently asked questions (FAQ)
What is Holistic Counselling?
Holistic counselling recognizes that we are whole people, with emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Most counselling techniques work only with the emotional aspect and like the ten blind men with the elephant, the counsellor is reduced to guess work about the true cause of the problem.
Holistic counselling is based on the belief that we live in a world that is interconnected and interdependent. Self-reflection then can be accomplished by observing and interpreting in the outer world as well as inner experiences.

Holistic counselling is an experiential approach to disarming the ego in gentle ways that invite change.  This is done by a variety of unique techniques which must be experienced to be understood. The techniques involve reflecting on what is happening in the moment and exploring  meaning and significance by a process of following back to the places where un-integrated experience was incorporated. .

Does holistic counselling have a method?
Yes, it has a very specific method which is precise, but which is flexible enough to accommodate everyone. This method has three basic phases.
First- recognition of the un-integrated aspects of ourselves.
This is sometimes the most frightening and difficult part of the therapy. It entails honest personal reflection, the counsellor at this stage is a supportive witness to the process. The client will go only as far they are able to at any time. There is no pushing, the client drives every step of the way.
Then, the client is lead to resolution, an experience of catharsis which transforms past dysfunctional behaviours and beliefs.Finally, these aspects are integrated by a commitment to action, formulated out of new aspirations and awareness

These actions may be every day actions, simple undertakings such changing daily patterns or beliefs. Or the changes  may be turning points of greater decisions such as embarking on recovery from drugs and alcohol. The progress at this point depends on the motivation of the client.

Holistic Counselling is an on-going, conscious participation in the creative venture of co-creating the world. With time and training, we can come to understand how the mind and the every day become harmonious.

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